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Nubic History

Nubic History



International development center for industrial technology and business is established by Nihon University (predecessor to NUBIC).
December Officially recognized as one of the first TLOs in Japan (by the Ministries of Education and International Trade and Industry)
1999 February Contract for technology licensing is executed (the first recognized TLO to sign such an agreement in Japan)
2003 June Awarded "Minister Prize of Science and Technology Policy" at the second "Promotion of Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration" meeting.
July Adopted the MEXT policy of "Providing University Intellectual Property Headquarters".
September Former organization is renamed to become the Nihon University Business, Research and Intellectual Property Center (NUBIC).
2004 June Adopted the METI policy of "Technology Licensing Organization Focused on Specific Area" (Super TLO).
2007 April "JPO Intellectual Property Award" Commissioner of the Japan Patent Office Award
2008 June Adopted the MEXT policy of "Project for the Strategic Development of Industry-University-Government Collaboration".
2010 April Adopted the MEXT policy of "Program for Promoting Self-Sustained Management of Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration in Universities (Support-for-Functional-Reinforcement Model)"


Nubic History