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Features of NUBIC



Features of NUBIC

Features of NUBIC

Provision of "One-Stop Service"
NUBIC is a university organization that incorporates the TLO and Intellectual Property Headquarter functions, such that there is a single contact point. Total coordination is offered, from technical consultation, through research support, to the implementation of contracts.


All Services for Collaboration between Industry, Academia, and Government Provided Solely by Nihon University
The "intelligence" of the university consists of more than three thousand researchers in fourteen colleges and twenty graduate schools, covering fields such as chemistry and science, dentistry and medicine, pharmaceuticals, biology, arts, and social sciences.


Answering the Needs of those Areas that Cross Academic Borders or which are Particularly Complex
Coverage of all research areas, and provision of wide ranging projects that require the skills of more than one college, such as those involving medicine and engineering.


Joint Research, Consigned Research and Technical Training Support
Provision of technology licensing, as well as consultations, referrals to researchers required for a project, and investigation of the use of public research grants.


Rich Source of Technical Ideas and Abundant Experience
Support of industry by issuing applications for patents in Japan and a undertaking technical licensing.


Provision of Valuable Information
Distribution of valuable information related to the exhibition of and consultation about research results, cross industrial events, entrepreneur support seminars, etc., and the disclosure of technical information. Special privileges are available to members of the "NUBIC Venture Club".


Venture Support
Providing support to start new businesses such as venture businesses, support of new business development, and consultation related to financing, management and legal matters.


Fostering of Human Resources Able to Support Cooperation between Industry, Academia, and the Public Sector
Acceptance of students and personnel from other universities and TLOs, and education of specialists capable of supporting cooperation between industry, academia, and the public sector, and who can also identify the quality of research results and their value to commercial industry. Also, promotion of the concept of cooperation between industry, academia, and the public sector to industry itself.



Features of NUBIC